Lightspeed Internet at affordable prices

100% uptime guarantee!

Lightspeed is the only service to offer a 100% uptime guarantee in business hours (7am to 7pm). This guarantee can be extended to 24 hours a day for businesses that run critical applications after hours.

Low latency

As transmitted data travels at the speed of light through fibre, your latency is significantly lower on fibre than any other technology. Symmetrical bandwidth with low latency is critical for real time services such as gaming, voice and video.

How do I qualify?

A feasibility check is the first step towards checking if you qualify for fibre. We use your GPS co-ordinates or physical street address to check if there is fibre in your area. This allows us to determine the distance between your address and the fibre line, so we can calculate the minimum uptake required for the new area to become feasible.

View the Fibre Map below to see if there is fibre is in your area. If your premises falls within the map's footprint, we may be able to provide you with fibre based on the feasibility assesment results.
If your location falls outside of the map's footprint please contact us and we will do our very best to establish a connection and service outside of the noted areas.


Fibre is proven to be the fastest technology available for transmitting data - more than 100 times faster than any service available over copper or wireless networks.

Business uncapped

The Lightspeed business services are uncapped which means that you can use as much data as you want without receiving surprise out-of-bundle charges. The uncapped services are shaped to ensure that services such as voice, video and file transfers take preference over non core services. FTTH Services are capped and unshaped.
Lightspeed Network Map
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Fibre in South Africa

South Africa has seen a proliferation of undersea, intercity and metropolitan fibre networks since 2009 when new entrants, such as Cybersmart, were first licensed to deploy their own networks.

The reason that fibre networks are being rolled out so quickly, is that fibre offers significant benefits over traditional copper or wireless networks.

These benefits include:
More Speed - Fibre the fastest technology available for transmitting data.
Symmetry - On a 50Mbps Service, the upload and download rate is 50Mbps.
Low Latency - Bandwidth with low latency is critical for real time services.
Security - It is virtually impossible to intercept data sent over fibre circuits.
For more detailed information please download the brochures below or give us a call on 021 286 0127 | 010 286 0127 | 031 286 0127