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Lightspeed Fibre Broadband Product best choice for reliable service.
Households or small businesses in high density areas.
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All Lightspeed Fibre Broadband services include Uncapped Data and line rental.

Setup Fee

Month to Month - R1499 incl. VAT

Included Services

Free Router
Free telephone number

Optional Extras

2nd Phone number R50pm
Free Number Porting

For more detailed information please download the brochures below or give us a call on 021 286 0127 | 010 286 0127 | 031 286 0127

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Capped Prices
(incl. VAT)

Month to Month Contracts

*Customer configurable upload and download speeds.
*The data caps specified are the total usage limits per month.
400* Mbps - R599
Day Data (7am - 12am)
20 Gigs
Night Data (12am - 7am)
100 Gigs
400* Mbps - R899
Day Data (7am - 12am)
200 Gigs
Night Data (12am - 7am)
1000 Gigs
400* Mbps - R1399
Day Data (7am - 12am)
500 Gigs
Night Data (12am - 7am)
2500 Gigs
Uncapped Prices
(incl. VAT)
Setup Fee *
400 Mbps
R4999 *
400 Mbps
R3999 *
400 Mbps
R1499 *
*Once Off Fee.
We recover our infrastructure cost by building it into you monthly subscription. We give you the option of paying all or part of the infrastructure thereby reducing your monthly subscription. Your return on investment is under 6 months.
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Voice Call Pricing incl. VAT

Local & International* 69c per min., per sec.
Fixed Line:
Local & International* 35c per min., per sec.
*Excludes African countries. (African rates on request) Incl. VAT

Home Fibre


Why Choose Lightspeed

Twice as fast
Symmetrical up-and downloads
Free landline
Use your existing phone handset
Free voice mail to e-mail
Free Backup Power
Free Non- Wi-Fi Router
Top up data never expires
Unshaped Data


How do I qualify for this service?

A feasibility check is the first step towards checking if you qualify for fibre. We use your GPS co-ordinates or physical street address to check if there is fibre in your area. This allows us determine the distance between your address and the fibre line so we can calculate the minimum uptake required to begin fibre installation.

Why does there have to be a minimum uptake?

Fibre installation is a costly process as trenches have to be dug for the fibre to be laid in the ground from the access point to your home. Taking that into consideration Cybersmart has endeavoured to carry the cost of the fibre installations making it affordable for home users. The minimum uptake allows us to ensure that the fibre installation is viable in the surrounding area.

How can I get my neighbours to sign up?

The Lightspeed brochures and promotional material is available to the public on our website. Feel free to distribute these documents to prospective neighbours or refer them to our website.

What is the turn-around time for an installation?

Once installation has been approved and reticulation of the building has commenced, the turn-around time is approximately 90 days. If your building is already reticulated, installation time is approximately 14 days. To see if your building is ear-marked for fibre or already has fibre, click here.

What are the contract periods?

This Lightspeed service is available on month to month and 12 Months contract terms.

What are the installation fees?

The installation costs vary based on contract term. All installation fees are once off payments. 12 Months – R999. Month to month – R1499.

Do I need a router?

Cybersmart will provide a wired router for the service to run on. In the event of service cancellation the router will be returned to us as it remains the property of Cybersmart.

Can I choose/keep my telephone number?

Existing telephone numbers can be ported at no cost.
For new telephone numbers there is a once-off fee of R50 and the option to select any available number.

Do I need to keep my telephone lines?

This service offers VoIP (Voice over IP) so landlines or line rental is not required.

What is the contention ratio?

Lightspeed Home Fibre is a best effort service.

Is there a Fair Usage Policy?

Capped Products do not have a Fair Usage Policy.
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